Trap Technologies

Turnbuckles and Turn Wheels

Some traps such as Signature Skeet are equipped with turnbuckles for horizontal and vertical tilt, so that you can alter them quickly and easily so there’s not need to reach for the tool box. The Signature Skeet also features a 3rd turn wheel for spring tension adjustment.

Horizontal and elevation angle gauge

On our Promatic Olympic Trap machines are fitted with a horizontal and elevation angle gauge, to guarantee precise angles specified by ISSF for this discipline. It also features a turnbuckle for easy height elevation adjustment. The Olympic Trap is fully compliant with all ISSF regulations.

Solenoid release

Promatic use solenoid release mechanisms on many of our competition standard machines. These mechanisms are used on machines where an instantaneous release of the target is required e.g. on disciplines such as Olympic Trap, Double Trap, Skeet, DTL and ABT.

The solenoid release mechanism consists of a pin fitted to the throwing arm, a trigger assembly which pivots on a bar mounted on a bracket and a solenoid to move the trigger out of the way to allow the pin on the arm to move past it when the trap is fired. This results in faster target release

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