Radio Controllers

Promatic offer a wide range of radio controllers that meet the needs for all clay shooting disciplines, as we as acoustic release systems and ISSF approved controller equipment for trap and skeet.

Choose from either radio controllers (provided with receivers), or wired controllers for your layout(s).

Standard Range

Promatic provide a standard range of radios – standard single channel (1 trap, with 1 receiver), standard Twin Channel (A, B Pair, with 2 receivers) and standard DTL/ABT controllers, that suit the basic controller requirements. Receivers can also be purchased individually, and include a Promatic pocket light/magnet tool to activate the receiver.

GMS Range

The GMS (Ground Management System) range offers added benefits as all handsets are wireless recharging, and all have voice activated solo delay. The GMS controllers are compatible with Claymate III GMS.

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