Sharp Shooter

Using Sharp Shooter is easy and quick to set up, simply place the target units around a range area, arm each one using the remote control and shoot - targets will fall when hit.

  • Radio remote to raise fallen targets
  • Up to 8 targets per controller
  • Various targets available, paddles and animal silhouettes
  • Clock available

Sharp Shooter is much more than just a 'knock down' target system, it's a self contained powered unit using a rechargeable battery to raise the targets via a wireless remote control with a range of 100m. Ideal for indoors, for a shooting range or even your back garden. Sharp Shooter is great fun and offers a great variety of targets.

Choose between standard paddles, with different sized apertures for increasing or decreasing difficulty, pellet catcher targets for indoor use or animal silhouettes such as crow, rabbit, squirrel, duck and rat.

Additionally you can race against time using the digital clock which is connected to the units. It will measure the time you take to hit the first and stop when the final target falls. Once you've tried it, you won't want to stop - WARNING this game is addictive!

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