Simulated Game

Using Promatic simulated game equipment will ensure you are at your peak as you fire your first shot in Game Season, or Hunting worldwide. Whether it's grouse in Scottish Highlands, high pheasants in the steep Exmoor Valleys in England, Partridges in Spain, Doves, geese and ducks in Argentina, francolin and sand grouse in Africa or wild turkeys in Texas, Pintails in Dakota USA, the Huntsman will ensure that you enjoy your Hunting trip even more.

Equally, our range is used and trusted by many shooting estates worldwide that hold dedicated Simulated Game days for 'out of season' revenue.
There’s nothing more tantalising to a game shooter than shooting high, challenging driven pheasant over a steep valley on a crisp winter’s morning, and there is no better way to hone your skills than ‘pheasants’ that the Huntsman offers. With continued practice throughout the year will ensure even more memorable game days. You could set your own simulated game day, invite your friends for a pre game season day to warm up the guns ready for the pheasants.
The Huntsman is equally at home simulating partridge, ready for the season or your trip to Spain for instance. There is no better way to sharpen up before you fire your first shot knowing that you will keep your Cargador (loader) happy with your performance and Secretario (Spotter/Dog man) busy picking up your birds. You will have endless enjoyment with the Huntsman as each carousel, depending on the model, is capable of holding between 200-400 clays allowing you to practice on the Huntsman’s rather special covey presentations.
Grouse is the fastest game bird in England and Scotland providing superb sport. Our ‘grouse’ leave our traps in excess of 70mph. Your adrenalin will be pumping as covey after covey of ‘grouse’ head towards you, just like being on the moors. Each trap on the Huntsman Game Trailer can offer a specifically built-in exhilarating flurry sequence or if you wish you can create your own.
Whether you are shooting doves in Argentina, francolin in Africa, pintail ducks and wild turkeys in the USA, the Huntsman will ensure you will be ready for the first flush of birds. Despite the large variety of game birds available worldwide, the Huntsman trailer can simulate the majority of breeds due to the varying speeds and flushes that you can choose using the Huntsman Game Trailer radio.
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