Choosing a Trap

Promatic manufacture over 100 models of machines, so there is plenty of choice to suit every discipline and budget.

Personal use machines are budget, home use traps that are ideal for shooting from the comfort of your garden or backyard. They are low capacity, with a shorter throwing distance and are built with personal practice in mind. We do not recommend Personal Use machines for small clubs or commercial shooting grounds.

Recommended Personal Use Machines:

  • Pigeon
  • Hobby
  • Merlin
  • Super Hawk

Small Club Traps are ideal for weekly or monthly use. They have a smaller capacity compared to other large commercial traps, and use lighter duty components.

Recommended Small Club Traps

  • Harrier range
  • Kestrel
  • Falcon range
  • Pro Skeet

These traps are robust machines for daily or competition use. Components and build are heavy duty, throwing distances are further than any other machine in the range. For the specific Olympic Disciplines, these range of machines fully comply to ISSF standards and are used worldwide for training Olympic Traps and Skeet athletes.

Recommended Commercial and competition Traps:

  • 400 TT (Sporting & FITASC)
  • Super Sporter range (Sporting & FITASC)
  • Olympic Trap (Olympic Discipline)
  • Signature Skeet
  • Signature DTL/ABT
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