Welcome to the Team - Marco Mori

Marco Mori

Chief Scoremaster 

Job Description

To provide service during International Competitions for all disciplines (Trap, Skeet, Sporting Compak, Sporting, Universal Trench–Helice), and attend organisation events (opening ceremonies, squadding, Results,  Finals and closing ceremonies).

About Me

"I have been working for FITASC since August 2011 and with the ISSF since November 2019 (I had managed some events for Carlo in the years between 2014 and 2019). I have also been working in co-operation with SIUS Company since 2020. I certainly see myself here  happy here with Promatic, taking care of my duties with the same dedication as on the first day, and providing many more skills. What I want for my future is the certainty of being able to give my contribution in larger and shared projects."

Hobbies, Interests and Sports

"I enjoy hunting, shooting and Tennis. I'm also very interested in informatics."

"I look forward to fulfilling my new role at Promatic."


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