Promatic's 28 day journey to the ISSF World Cup Shotgun 2019

Promatic are extremely proud as a team for the huge success of the ISSF World Cup Shotgun 2019. The order for five Olympic Trap Layouts (75 machines), five Skeet overlays (10 signature skeet machines) and 50 sporting traps was received, built, shipped over 4,500 miles and installed all within 28 days.

Promatic Team at ISSF World Cup, Shotgun 2019

In total we had a team of nine working at Al Ain, seven of whom remained at the ground for the championship. They worked incredibly hard in 40+ degree heat to ensure the traps kept working faultlessly and sending consistent targets. The traps were tested every day to guarantee the trajectory of the targets were at the precise angles and distance demanded by the ISSF Regulations. 38 squads shot over the Promatic layouts each day for over three weeks of training and competition.

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