Grouse in sight of Bow Bells

It’s not often you get the chance to shoot grouse while gazing out across a panoramic view of London and the south of England that stretches from Box Hill, past the Queen Elizabeth Bridge, The Shard and London Eye, through the Wembley Arch to jumbo jets landing at Heathrow. As spectacular as the view is the set–up that Ian Huggins and Colin Suckling have created at the aptly named London View Simulated Game.

Two Promatic Grouse Trailers and Over 30 Traps...

This ground can provide an exciting and varied day with everything from duck flighting, low fast partridge to high pheasant . And they have a long history of simulated shooting. They still have and use one of the first Flurry Launchers designed and built by Rick Fornalski more than 20 years ago. But there is much more. London View is part of the Hillcroft Group, based in Leatherhead, Surrey, which has interests in two other grounds, North Surrey in Cobham (KT11 3JX), and Willinghurst in Farley green (GU5 0SU), clay target and cartridge sales and a range of shooting clothing and accessories. Ian and Colin also support and take a keen interest in the Disabled Shooters Group, (DSG) and were part of the background team that enabled the Para–Trap team win gold at the first Para Trap World Cup in Lonato, Italy in September 2017.

For more information about simulated days or any other interests call Ian on 07850 430 462, Colin on 07785 347 821 or

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