Celebrating 20 Years of Simulated Game at Six Mile Bottom Shoot

When it comes to simulated game days, most people will be familiar with Six Mile Bottom Shoot. Located just outside of West Wratting Cambridgeshire, Richard Clarke created driven clay shooting on the estate two decades ago where clay days are run all year round, along with traditional driven game days.

As one of the biggest simulated game facilities in the UK, there is a huge variety of drives offered - high pheasant, driven partridge and driven grouse to name but a few.

The shoot hosts days for all types of shooting groups - from smaller private teams, corporate days and large charity fundraising shoots. All levels of experience are made welcome; from seasoned gun to novice. The hospitality is second to none too, Wadlow Lodge is a stunning place to meet, have breakfast and enjoy a hearty shoot lunch.

(Photo: Richard Clarke with his High Pheasant set up, using 8 Promatic DTL traps)

With a fleet of 80+ Promatic traps, Richard uses a combination of Promatic game trailers and individual traps to display the very best in driven clays. Being a man who does not do things by halves, he uses as many as three Promatic Grouse trailers on his driven grouse drive, where guns shoot from very smartly presented stone grouse butts.

(Photo: one of the 3 Promatic Grouse trailers used on the driven Grouse drive)

The Promatic team visited Six Mile Bottom Shoot recently to deliver equipment for their latest drive (launched April this year) appropriately named ‘Wadlow Warren’. And we have to say, this is the best bolting rabbit drive we have seen anywhere!

Apart from an abundance of Promatic Rabbit machines on this one drive alone (12 on the one drive), a huge amount of care and attention has been taken to create a realistic and unique set up. All traps are hidden out of sight as clays are thrown through tunnels laid in an earth bank. The rabbit clays bolt out from log piles, creating a very smart and truly unique experience.


We are very pleased to have supplied Six Mile Bottom shoot with equipment from day one and still do today twenty years on.
Two decades of heavy use proves that Promatic machines are not only reliable but also stand the test of time. We are pleased to have a range of simulated game equipment to meet the developing needs of the growing simulated game market.

To enquire about days at Six Mile Bottom Shoot, please contact Richard Clarke on 07831 368893

E: jackie@sixmilebottomshoot.co.uk


See the Promatic simulated game range here

'Wadlow Warren' drive

 (Photo: the famous 'Wadlow Warren' rabbit drive)

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