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Ground Owners report increased Revenues of 30% to 40%


At a time when ground owners are concentrating on maximising their income Promatic Claymate have released their new Clay Counting system called Wi-Card (Sporting, Skeet, DTL, Compact and Olympic Trap versions avaliable).

Their previous system had ground owners reporting sales increasing by 30% to 40% and clay usage falling by 30%, for many ground owners it meant the difference between a successful business or having to close !

Wi-Card uses what look like standard plastic credit cards, but embedded in the card is clever electronics which when held close to the control unit uses secure wireless communication to count the number of clays a shooter throws. As there are no contacts on the cards or the control units the system performs flawlessly in the great outdoors taking everything mother nature can throw at it – rain, sleet, snow, mud or dust.

The cards are low cost and the ground owner can decide if shooters have to pre-pay (buy their targets before shooting) or can run a membership system (the shooter settles up his bill based on the number of targets shot). For the first time the manager has total flexibility in charge rates; they can charge different rates for sporting or skeet members or guests, they can even charge different rates per station for things like expensive rabbit targets.

High security encryption means that cards are unique to each ground and can be locally printed so can be used as a club membership card. At the days end the owner simply walks around the ground with their master card to automatically close down each station thus ensuring no unauthorised use of the ground during closed hours.  This is vital for grounds with restricted opening hours.

In keeping with the philosophy of keeping it simple to use no PC is needed to operate the system but later in the year Promatic will be releasing Pro-Club a full PC based Club Membership system which will integrate with the cards and utilise data recorded and downloaded from each card.

Shooters will love the cards, they are the same size and thickness as a credit card with no batteries or connections, the receiver simply has to have the card within 1” to operate. The ultra large LCD display shows the shooter what is happening at all times including a target count while the inbuilt speaker gives audio confirmation to the user such as the Solo Shooter audible countdown.

Commenting Julian Coy, CEO said “since acquiring Claymate we have invested heavily in the very latest technology. We wanted a system that took a huge leap forward from what is currently available and was revolutionary not evolutionary. It had to be easy to use, cheap to run and have zero electronic contacts so that it is 100% reliable in all weathers. Many Ground Owners are facing a tough financial challenge, Wi-Card ensures that they get paid for every clay thrown on their ground and offers greater facilities for shooters.”

"Target variety is essential for any club or ground that hosts local, county or national competitions - and that's exactly what you get with Promatic traps."

George Digweed, multi world champion in Sporting, FITASC and Compak