December 2017 Newsletter 11-Dec-2017

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September 2017 Newsletter 12-Sep-2017

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Benefits to Grounds and Clubs

  • Increased revenues by up to 40%
  • Reduces clay wastage up to 40%
  • Securely encrypted and unique to your ground or club
  • Wi-Cards can act as a ground or club membership card and can be sold as a gift card, (available in 3 different colours – white, silver or gold).
  • Wi-Cards can help determine when membership needs renewal

Quick and easy to install onto a full ground or single layout (available in cabled or wireless options)

  • Has a ‘start up’ and ‘shut down’ controlled by a ground card
  • Determines exactly how many clays have been shot
  • Retains all the functions of the first Claymate system and more…

"We totally rely on  Promatic traps. Choosing Promatic was one of the best investment decisions I ever made…"

Peter usher, Lakenheath Clay Target Centre