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  • Snipe - New for 2016
    Snipe - New for 2016Snipe - New for 2016

    Snipe - New for 2016

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    The Snipe is part of our new ‘family range’ trailer designed for fun group shooting at home for up to 3 people. The front 2 traps are fixed, with the back trap oscillating left to right to create more variety. The full capacity is 195 and all traps can fire both standard and midi clays. It has similar operating features to our world renowned Huntsman XP Game Trailer, such as the game trailer radio with built-in flush sequences and the charge bar system for smart charging. These traps will throw 73m and the trailer can be towed on the road with a tailboard attached.

    • 3 Trap Trailer (2 Static, 1 Oscillating)
    • 73m throwing distance
    • 195 clay capacity 
    • Throws standard & midi clays
    • Game Trailer Radio with built-in flush sequences
    • 20/40/60/80/100 bird flush
    • Speed adjustment on flush
    • Pause feature
    • Sporting mode with solo delay feature
    • Batteries included
    • Charge bar system for trickle charging
    • Timer Board to conserve battery
    • Road towable when tailboard is attached
    • 3 year warranty